Have your Resume Critiqued by a Professional in Human Resources


I thought your critique was great – definitely a 10. I think it is important to have someone look at your resume objectively, even if you know the basic guidelines of resume writing. It is difficult for most people (at least it was for me) to think of my achievements without trying to downplay them. This is the opposite of how you need to express yourself on a resume. I would recommend that everyone looking to improve their resume have you provide advice!

Kathleen T.

Are you struggling with shot-in-the-dark resume review or development?  On a scale of 1 -10, Paige Judnich’s ResumeCritiques rates a 10!  Expedient, comprehensive, up-to-date, thoughtful and relevant feedback yielded valuable guidance that helped me to break through resume re-writing block.  I now have a resume that is far better organized, designates key job experience achievements, utilizes more dynamic language, and is better-suited for online application purposes and the typical “six-second review” that most applicants receive.  I recommend Paige’s ResumeCritiques.com for  high value review and for resume-writing peace of mind!”

~ Lynn E

Lynn E

I worked with Paige for several years while hiring for different positions in DIRECTV. Her attention to detail and ability to highlight important skills for the various positions helped us find the best candidates for each role. She also assisted in our feedback process to any applicant who wanted to know what they could do to make their resume more attractive for future positions. I highly recommend Paige’s expertise to anyone who wants to get their resume to stand out when prospective employers are reviewing it.

Andrew G

Overall, I would rate your service as a 10. I found it extremely helpful. I was very impressed and would recommend to all of my friends.

Aaron H