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Employment References

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I get many requests to provide examples of employment references. There are 2 primary ways to provide references to prospective employers – employment reference lists and reference letters.

Employment Reference Lists

An employment reference list is a page that lists the names and the contact information of the people you’ve chosen to serve as your references. If possible, utilize the same heading for your cover letter, resume, and reference sheet. Contact your references prior to listing them and ask them if they are willing to be a reference and how they would prefer to be contacted. See References in a Resume for guidance on how to prepare this page.



Street Address * City, State Zip * Telephone * email address


Mr. John Doe
Director of Operations
ABC Distribution Company
216 Johnson Street
Orlando, FL 26457
[email protected] or 999-999-9999

Mr. John Doe, Ph.D
Call Center Supervisor
23568 Willberry Road
Miami, FL 33654
[email protected]

Ms. Jane Doe
Office Manager
Betson Products, Incorporated
235 Sollow Street
Pensacola, FL 36598

Ms. Jane Doe
3265 SE Rukins Place
Jacksonville, FL 32545
[email protected] or 999-999-9999

Reference Letters

A reference letter is a short correspondence written by people you’ve selected to serve as your references. It describes your contributions and value to the company. Typically, this letter is prepared on the person’s letterhead stationary.



To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend Jane Doe for a position with your organization. Jane has been employed by our company from 2001 to 2006.

During her employment with our company as Office Manager, Jane was responsible for all activities associated with efficient office operations including bookkeeping, collections, purchasing, clerical tasks, and training/supervising three office assistants.

Jane is extremely organized, possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills, and works productively without direct supervision.

I believe Jane Doe would make a valuable asset to any employer and I am happy to happy to recommend her without reservation.

Yours truly,

John Doe

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