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How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship Application

Written by David Miller

David Miller is a successful business owner who owns and operates the site, findhighereducationjobs.com, which is designed to connect people with the best job opportunities available.

The reason that most students apply for internships is to help them gain some real world experience in the career that they are looking to pursue. This kind of experience is very valuable when seeking employment after graduation. Of course, that means that the cover letter that hopeful interns write will differ from cover letters that industry professionals write.

Typical cover letters let employers know what experience the applicant has that will make them good at the job. It is this experience that students who apply for internships lack! While some experience might get included, a cover letter for an intern will focus on future goals.

The Focus of Internship Cover Letters

Because the very reason that you are applying for an internship is to gain experience, you cannot focus as much on what you have done in the past as an experienced professional could. Be sure to include any volunteer work, organizations, classes or paid work that you believe the employer will find relevant.

Not only can this kind of experience demonstrate that you have some knowledge about the job, it can also demonstrate that you have an active interest in the field. Even if your past work is not that related to the field, it may also demonstrate skills like leadership and a good work ethic that potential employers could find valuable and positive.

For example, winning an employee-of-the-month award in a retail store might not directly relate to getting a medical or legal internship. However, it can demonstrate that you worked hard and excelled at the tasks you were given at the time.

Focus On Future Goals and Not Just Past Experience

Even after you list any relevant experience, internship cover letters also need more. They need to focus on what the prospect’s future goals are and this might be even more important than past experience. It is particularly important to focus on what you hope to accomplish in the future if you really do not have any relevant experience to list.

Organizing Your Internship Resume

This is one good way to organize an internship resume:

* Begin with a quick introduction and a clear statement about the internship position that you want.

* In the next paragraph, write about your current studies and how these studies relate to your career goals. You can highlight these goals here too.

* In the third section, you can include any current and past experience that you believe relates to the internship that you hope to apply for.

* Finally, conclude the letter by emphasizing your interest in the position and how much you are looking forward to speaking with the employer soon. Make sure you have included your contact information which includes your phone number, email address and address.

Crafting the Perfect Internship Cover Letter

While you want to write very fluently, it is probably better to remain as concise as possible. An internship cover letter should usually fit on a page and four fairly short paragraphs should be plenty in most cases. Some cover letters might extend to two pages, but that is more rare and should probably be considered in only special situations.

Of course, you can probably write a basic template to use to apply for different internships. However, you will want to take the time to tailor each one to different positions, organizations and companies that offer these opportunities for students.

To summarize, emphasize your future career goals in your cover letter and how these goals relate to the internship. Be sure to include any relevant experience and education that relates to the position.

Finally, be sure to demonstrate your interest in the field and in that specific internship opportunity. If you do that, and you make sure you clearly include your contact information, you should be able to impress the business people and professors who offer these opportunities.