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What to Wear At Work – Cracking Office Dress Codes

Interviewing for a job is a stressful time for everyone. One of the biggest questions being – What should I wear? When I came across this graphic from T.M. Lewin (www.tmlewin.com), I felt it helped to answer some difficult questions. Whether it’s fair or not, what you wear to an interview helps shape your prospective employer’s perception of who you are as a person. “What to Wear At Work – Cracking Office Dress Codes” will help guide you on appropriate attire for an employment interview.

Since T.M. Lewin is based out of England, I would caution that this guide might not be appropriate for all regions in the US. Also, some terminology may seem a little different. For example, a jumper is a sweater. I recommend you determine what the dress code is at your perspective employer and then dress one step up. You want to show that you are a serious candidate. However, if you dress up too much, you may not feel comfortable or appear stuffy to your potential employer.

Bottom Line: See the guide below on “What to Wear – Cracking the Office Dress Code” to make sure you are dressing appropriately for an interview or a promotion.

T.M.Lewin is most widely known for their 1898 invention of the coat-shirt, better known today as a button-down or button-front shirt. As office cultures change, one thing that has remained timeless in the world of business and professionalism is the dress shirt. We have seen this wardrobe staple cross borders and genders within the past century. T.M.Lewin continues to craft a noteworthy selection of men’s shirts and women’s shirts for any occasion; casual or formal.