Have your Resume Critiqued by a Professional in Human Resources

About Resume Critiques

Consider this: most recruiters spend 15 seconds reviewing a resume to narrow down their initial pool of applicants.

Does your resume make the cut? Does it clearly outline your experiences, talents and abilities? Does it make the reader want to learn more? When a friend or co-worker reviews your resume, they might take 15 minutes and give you a few suggestions. That’s not enough! Send your resume to a professional to be reviewed. Receive the time, care and attention you need to create a quality product.

HeadshotAt ResumeCritiques.com, we’ll work with you to help you create a resume that tells your story. We offer detailed feedback on your existing resume to review content, word usage, punctuation, and formatting. We will also give you some areas to improve based off a hiring manager perspective.

ResumeCritiques.com was founded by Paige Judnich, an experienced Human Resources professional and resume consultant. In her years spent recruiting for an array of businesses, Paige has reviewed thousands of resumes, and developed a passion for helping candidates pursue their dream jobs.

If you are interested in learning more about how ResumeCritiques.com can help you, please visit our testimonials page or click here to order a critique. It won’t take more than 15 seconds.